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Shin Taro Takuan Ippon Zuke
10oz (280g)
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Ippon Zuke Takuan (NO MSG)
14.28oz (400g)
Takuan for Sushi (NO MSG)
2.2 LBS (1kg)


Gari is thinly sliced ginger, pickled in sweetened vinegar. With its refreshing sweet, sour and hot taste, gari cleanses the palate, making it an essential relish for sushi. It is named after the sound it makes when chewed. Ginger was originally used for medical purposed. It is thought to help with circulation, reduce fever, suppress coughs, among other benefits. It was during the Edo Period when ginger was thinly sliced, pickled in sweet vinegar and served with sushi as Gari. Gari reduces the smell of fresh fish, refreshes the mouth, and also acts as an antibacterial agent. It makes sense to eat ginger along with sushi.